Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining us in advancing the cause of the kingdom and helping to fulfill the vision of this ministry.

We understand that the Kingdom of God is greater than each and every one of us and your partnership will help us take the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to salvation of soul, healing, and deliverance.

We contend together through a common faith that is kept warm when we unite as one.  We share in a common value of hope, joy, and expectation. In partnership, our hearts beat as one as we compliment and complete one another.  When God determined our destiny, He effectively knit us together so that the fulfillment of that destiny takes place through another person.  That is why when we commit to each other as partners; we become inextricable comrades, a formidable force, against a common adversary.  As aggressive, irresistible co-labors – where we go you go; our voice becomes your voice of encouragement to strengthen the weak; we become the extension of God’s healing hand, through you, to the hurting and bleeding.  We are bound together in an unbroken covenant as, together, we rise and fall; strive and struggle; and hurt and heal alike. In other words, we become brothers and sisters that have been called to share eternity together.  So join us, become a partner through your prayers and monthly gift and God will surely bless the fruit of our labor.